Firm Culture

We are specialized leaders in our respective fields. We have years of experience. Our relationships with our clients are unprecedented. But our relationships with one another are what set us apart from the others.

We know that we are only as good as our people. Our staff is a collection of accomplished architects, engineers, planners, interior designers, and support that truly enjoy working with one another. Many on our staff have been here for decades or more. Elevar is a group who thrives not just on what we do, but who we work with to get it done.

Starting from humble beginnings and growing into the firm it is today, many of the original members of the firm still come in everyday with enthusiasm, curiosity, and creativity. The longevity of our team members is rare in an ever changing market.

Cincinnati Top Workplaces

The Cincinnati Enquirer released their Top Workplaces for 2018, and Elevar ranked 41st on the list of local companies! 38,696 Cincinnati employees at 184 local firms were surveyed, and 125 companies scored high enough to earn Top Workplaces honors. Elevar was one of 21 new employers to land on the 2018 list, where "employee recognition, a clear company mission and workers with a shared professional passion are common ingredients for success."

Collaboration and Teamwork

One of the core values of our firm is teamwork. Our collaborative spirit is evident in our process and final results – creating the best solutions for our clients. We know that we are better together and we rely on one another to keep our game elevated at all times.



We work hard and we play hard. There is so much to celebrate and we enjoy all types of festivities. Whether we are celebrating a holiday, a new project, or a special event in a staff member’s life, we know how to applaud the moment. 

Emilio Fernandez turns 88!


In 2018 we celebrated the 88th birthday of our founder, Emilio Fernandez! Emilio still comes to work at the Elevar office on a full-time basis with enthusiasm and personifies the passion, dedication, and determination on which Elevar planted its roots. Happy birthday, Emilio!