Cincinnati City Hall Restoration

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Year: 2004

The renovation of City Hall involved complete A/E services for comprehensive roof, exterior analysis and master planning for repair of the facility. The project included removal of existing roof and underlayment, replacement of wood decking and supports and installation of a new roof system for this registered historic landmark.

Elevar (SFA) researched the original 18th century construction documents to provide design recommendations for the restoration. Using original specifications and period photographs, the exterior was restored after more than a century of weathering, damage and alterations. Tiles from the original manufacturer were installed over a modern substrate to provide a 75-year roof. Masonry was restored, re-pointed, and weatherproofed where necessary. Weathered cast iron was replaced and galvanized finials and gating were installed after more than a 50-year absence to allow a return to the original design intent. In addition, we created working drawings for repair and replacement of the existing tower windows.

This project received a Preservation Award from the Cincinnati Preservation Association for an outstanding contribution to Historic Preservation in Greater Cincinnati.



555 Carr St.
Cincinnati, OH 45203

120 West Second St.
Suite 1800
Dayton, OH 45402

2360 Chauvin Dr.
Lexington, KY 40517

1220 West Sixth St.
Suite 300
Cleveland, OH 44113