Delhi Town Square

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Year: 2023

Photographer: Elevar

Delhi Township’s administrative team realized a need to create a catalytic project that will spur a revitalization of their community, rebrand their image and create a central focal point within a long commercial sector. As a first step, Elevar was engaged to help quantify their vision, engage the community to measure demand and support levels, as well as review potential site acquisitions. With all parameters being known, an old retail store located on 14.75 acres directly on Delhi Pike was selected to be the next community hub.

Our next step was to initiate a market analysis of the region that identifies the highest demand and best use of a property. Once a vision is created in conjunction with our client’s needs, we identify other public agencies and potential development partners. What began as a need for a small recreation building and new administrative offices for the Township, quickly grew into a mixed-use development that encompassed Delhi township office space, multiple housing units, pre-K classroom for Oak Hills, a recreation center, and a cultural arts center. Elevar was responsible for identifying the best housing partner, finance plan, recreation center operator and facilitated how to include the local school district.



555 Carr St.
Cincinnati, OH 45203

120 West Second St.
Suite 1800
Dayton, OH 45402

2360 Chauvin Dr.
Lexington, KY 40517

1220 West Sixth St.
Suite 300
Cleveland, OH 44113