Miami University Kreger Hall

Location: Oxford, OH

Year: 2007

Photographer: Elevar

Our team completed the rehabilitation of Kreger Hall, a 4-story concrete and masonry academic building. The project comprised a complete rehabilitation of approximately 33,000 SF to accommodate the Physics Department of the College of Arts and Sciences including labs, offices, and a new 120-person capacity lecture hall. Kreger Hall was designed to complement Miami University’s Department of Physics’ Vision of “Engaging at the frontiers of learning in physics”. Laboratory space included: Advanced Electronics and Materials Lab, Advanced Optics/ Spectroscopy Lab, Contemporary Physics and Electronics Instrumentation Lab, Optics Lab, Computational Physics Lab Atmospheric Lab, Condensed Matter Lab, EM-Induced Transparency Lab, Flight Simulator Lab, Planetary Simulation Lab, Microscopy Lab, Biophysics Lab, Nano Lab, Hot Lab, Bio-Imaging Lab, Magnetism Lab, and PAC Lab.

The following mission statement drove our design: “The Department of Physics is dedicated to teaching and scholarship, with an emphasis on achieving close student-faculty relationships. Our goals are to provide a rigorous grounding in the scientific process and a firm scientific understanding of the world, to foster critical thinking, and to provide scientifically literate, liberally educated citizens through service and liberal education courses. We provide undergraduate and graduate majors with solid preparation in the discipline for advanced study or employment. Our scholarship would be inclusive, bringing faculty, graduate students, and especially undergraduates into participation in the joy of learning at the frontiers of human intellectual endeavor.” To meet the University’s sustainability goals, various sustainable features were also introduced into Kreger’s design.



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